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Shanghai LuojinChemicals Co., Ltd is an innovative company focus on organic boron products,intermediates and performance chemicals. After several-year development, wehave a R&D and technical team with 20 members, two R&D labs and onepilot workshop. We become the leading boron hydrides manufacturer, providinghigh quality special reducing agents, catalysts, coupling reagent, buildingblocks applied in fine chemicals, pharmaceutical and performance chemicalsarea. Our custom synthesis unit can provide the service of synthesis routedevelopment, new compounds development and have capacity to enlarge the volumeto kgs scale and 100kgs scale. We have already developed many new compounds forour clients.

Quality control

We have LCMS andGCMS to control our quality and make sure all the products can meet therequirement of our clients

Our team

Our team is leading by 5 docotors majored in different chemistry area.

We have more than 20 R&D employees working in several teams.

Our commerical employees have more than 20 years experience in multi-national companies.